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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is the technology that reads vehicle registration plates. It’s widely used around the world for traffic management facilities, tolls, the police, as well as private parking management services.

It is an efficient way of managing a private car park. The technology is reliable and can be effective at operating your development while managing control over parking spaces in settings such as supermarkets, shopping centres, gyms, business estates, hotels and more.

Cameras placed at entry and exit points take a timed photo of the number plate of each vehicle entering and exiting the premises. By setting parameters and business rules we can cater for requirements such as permit only, staff only, free limited time parking, set time parking, definable grace periods, zero tolerance and after business hours, to name a few.

Permit Terminal / Pay & Display

In some use cases you will need a way for your customers to register their vehicle as they arrive on site, this may also include from time to time, vehicles parked on roadways / out of marked bays for short periods of time. Our system allows for this by the provision of an electronic terminal located at Concierge or reception. This will invite those authorised to register their vehicle to park. A permit will be created and logged in our back office to ensure they do not receive a Parking Charge Notice.

In addition to this our system will also actively look for mistakes typed in registration provided by the driver and if a PCN is generated as a result of a mistake our system will suggest “possible matched” to avoid unnecessary administration.


Well designed and clearly laid out signage is an integral part of any effective car park system and should never be underestimated. We design, print and install the most up to date car park signage based on the latest Code of Practice, which will clearly detail to motorists the parking terms and conditions. Signage is approved by our governing body the IPC and adheres to DVLA requirements. We also work closely with local authorities when wording our signage to ensure it can be clearly understood by members of the public and additionally provide multilingual signage where required.


In addition to the uniformed patrolled personnel it can be beneficial to deploy additional parking management services using on-site CCTV. NGP work with a certified CCTV partner provider to install CCTV on your behalf which includes the installation assessment of power management, backup battery and any required surveys.

Uniformed Patrol Personnel

As part of our Management Solution, New Generation Parking Management can provide fully uniformed patrol personnel at random times throughout the day, 7 days a week. Trained wardens actively monitor car park sites several times per day, and where appropriate issue Parking Charges using the latest technology and data available.

Having a human presence on your site both deters antisocial behaviour but also provides the service of being able to personally help motorists who have additional needs. This is particularly effective for individual bay management and car parks which are small or are unable to facilitate electronic installation.

Mobile Applications

Our Applications put total control of the parking facilities in yours, and your customers hands. We have a multitude of applications available for different use cases. Our permit manager allows you to provide access to your customers to manage their own permits. Our self enforcement app allows registered IPC users to provide photographic evidence to our back office.

We have also developed our own patrol app which enables our staff to check in with our back office and issue a PCN straight to the windscreen. Custom solutions can be developed to suit your specific needs in special cases, get in touch with us to find out more or for a demo.

Barriers / Gates

Traditional barriers are a recognisable parking management solution. By combining your barrier with ANPR, you can extend the lifespan of your capital investment and gain access to the powerful benefits of ANPR automation. If you’re used to a barrier solution, or it’s a necessity for your site, an ANPR Camera added to work with the barrier could be the next logical step – providing greater efficiency, accuracy and convenience for your visitors and staff.

Residential Permits

For residential sites we can offer physical permits (at a small cost to cover administration) or set up a digital system to allow people to register (usually at no cost). This is completely managed by New Generation Parking and maintained on an annual basis via our back office team using as a point of contact.

The New Generation of innovative, bespoke, effective Parking Management and intelligent CCTV solutions.

Innovative Solutions.


An efficient way of managing a car park using technology that is reliable and fast, perfect for supermarkets, shopping centres, gyms, business estates, hotels and more.

Permit Terminals

A modern solution to ticket permit machines that can integrate perfectly with ANPR to ensure that the data entered is accurate while giving the driver peace of mind.


Designed, printed and installed signage based on the latest Code of Practice, clearly detailing to drivers the parking terms and conditions that apply for their stay.


Licensed CCTV operators who can remotely manage a car park to liaise with on the ground patrols as well as collect information for the safety of others on site.

Barriers / Gates

Combining with the use of ANPR, a barrier or gate can be the perfect solution to ensure your facilities are only accessed by authorised personnel.


Our apps put total control of the parking facilities in yours, and your customers hands. We have a multitude of applications available for different use cases.