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October the 1st 2012 heralded an important change in the industry. Legislation was introduced banning clamping & towing on private land in England & Wales. We have welcomed & campaigned for this change as it will encourage true professionalism in the industry whilst removing unwanted contractors.

In order to ensure that land owners and car park operators can still control their car parks fairly the government has made an important change; It is now the registered keeper who can be held accountable for payment thus ensuring that notices issued cannot simply be ignored.

Clear informative signage is always the key and we champion the use of plain, simple English and clear recognisable visuals.

In order to ensure quality throughout the industry operators are required to undergo rigorous accreditation & audit as well as investing significantly in software and appeals process.  Along with this the government has also introduced a fully independent appeals body called Parking On Private Land Appeals (POPLA). This body will look at any appeal that has been refused by the car park operator. This just gives the consumer another avenue of appeal should they feel they have been unfairly treated.

We have championed the formation of POPLA and works closely with the British Parking Association in our joint commitment to quality and fairness.