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Please find here a list of some of the questions and answers that relate to parking on private land only. The company has put this together in order to help clear up a lot of confusion for members of the public who are being misled by out-dated Internet forum information; consequently this often results in civil court proceedings.


Q.    My friend had a ticket about 12 months ago, he ignored all of the letters and eventually they stopped.  He was never taken to court by the company. Why didn't they take him to court then?

A.   This may have happened for a number of reasons.   Some companies may not be Approved Operators of an Actreddited Trade Association (ATA). They will issue a ticket to your windscreen and are relying upon the percentage that are paid within the discounted period; therefore avoiding any DVLA data requests.  



Q. Do your company rely upon this method?

A. No.  After requesting the details of the vehicles registered keeper through our electronic DVLA link, we then contact the registered keeper directly. 



Q. Who is liable for this charge is it the registered keeper or the person who was driving the vehicle at the time and date in question?

A. The person driving the vehicle at the time and date in question.



Q. Is it true that the registered keeper need not give you any information about the driver of the vehicle at the time and date in question?

A.  No this is not true.  This was very true up until the changes in legislation on October 1st 2012 and there lies the problem.  That is why many parking companies were reluctant to take people to court unless they had Photographic or video evidence clearly displaying the driver of the vehicle at the time and date in question.



Q. Do you take people to court?

A. Yes, since the Protections of Freedoms Act (2012) came into force on 1st October 2012 a lot of Approved Operators are now pursuing people through the courts.  Please see below this months successful court judgements. 



Q.   How long before you initiate court proceedings.

A. If we do not receive any communication within a 42 day period, we will then instruct a debt recovery agency to recover the outstanding balance, plus their fees and any court costs. This process can take several months.



Q.  Do all parking companies have access to my details through the DVLA ?

A.  No, only companies that are members of an Accredited Trade Association (ATA).  Only parking companies that are Approved Operators of an Accredited Trade Association and follow strict codes of practice can have access to DVLA data.



Successful court claims made this month.  

NGP strive in raising the standards within the industry whilst protecting our clients best interests and our debt recovery and & court process is no different.  We work closely with our debt recovery team to ensure that this high standard is met.  NGP has successfully claimed judgement on the following cases over the last month.  



Regular updates to follow.